The President: the Opening of the University Hospital in the Next April


The Faculty of Science organizes a ceremony for the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary for a second period in the presence of the vice president Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa, group of deans and professors of the faculties, the dean of the Faculty of Science, staff members and employees of the Faculty of Science. As well, the attendants congratulates the presidents

 At the end of ceremony, el Kemary thanks the attendants explaining that what the university has reached of world class is due to teamwork of staff members, employees and students assuring the necessary of continuity in effort and giving to achieve more achievements.

Adding that Kafrelsheikh University has become phenomenon for that foreign delegations comes to study from everywhere.

El Kemary mentions that the opening of university hospital will be in the National Day of the University in the nineteenth of April next year to enable the university to complete its medical system and the university will teach the establishment of the second stage of the medical city through Heart and Chest Center to be the beginning of series of specialized centers to compensate the medical deficiencies in medical centers in the province in which its sons suffers from many chronic diseases.