The President Launched Two Initiatives of Research Groups and Research Map of the University


Kafrelsheikh University seeks the research excellence, the creation of environment for innovation, excellence and communication with industry and sector of business through the launch of two initiatives of research groups and research map of the university. This initiative aims to intensify the quantitative and qualitative research production, publish in classified scientific magazines within the rules of international information, register number of patents with economic value utilized in many fields as well as support the interface research work among the different specialisms, enhance the mutual research work through providing an attractive environment for innovation, creativity, creating interactive climate among the researchers as well as strengthening ties among them, improving the abilities of administrators, assistant lecturers and post-graduation students and directing their research interests to serve the sustainable development. The university will provide finance for the support of different research activities for research groups to contribute actively in scientific research and the outputs of research group will be evaluated annually and accordingly, the continuity of research group and the inclusion of additional groups are determined according to the performance indicators and the priority in research services will be for researchers belonging to research groups in support of this trend.


As well, the research group is group of researchers, with minimum of two, with diverse and integrated interface terms of reference and with research possibilities and experts that ensure quality and intensity of production as well as two researchers of post-graduation students to ensure continuity. Every group has main researcher for the leadership of group who has a record in scientific publication in the journals listed on the lists of global information rules. Every group has specific research interests and it is allowed for two foreign researchers outside Egypt or from distinguished immigrants Egyptians in the same field of the group to participate in this group to enrich its research work and contribute to transfer the experts to its members.


The university seeks to provide distinguished research environment linked to the needs of production institutions to support the research partnership with industry and business sector through the establishment of research map of the university as database for centers, units and research groups and determining its fields and potentials and their works as it is available for industry and other universities. The research map consists of four main elements and they are: data of research centers, research groups, research data in research groups, scientific production of researchers in research groups as well as available research and lab potentials of equipment and techniques. The university establish Technology, innovation and commercialization office to study the problems that the different production sectors face, then to provide solutions as well as allow staff members to visit factors and productive centers which make them to know better the needs and priorities of industry in fact.


The research map of the university is database for centers, units and research groups and determine its fields, potentials and business as it is available for industry and other universities and link them to business organizations. The basic elements of map consists of names and places of research centers and research groups, researcher data such as name, accurate specialization and scientific achievements of researches and patents as well as research facilities, laboratories, equipment and available laboratory possibilities.

These initiatives comes within strategic plan that aims at transferring to the research university pattern that seeks to strengthen its role in community service and contributing to achieve sustainable development through the development of infrastructure for scientific research, providing attractive and stimulating environment that support the excellence and innovation for researchers in all fields of knowledge and bridge the gap between the university and business institutions, so the university steps to an important stage that mimics the international universities that care and sponsor distinguished research groups, provide outstanding research groups that enable them to innovation, excellence and increasing the capacity of these groups for competition in brining additional resources to support research projects as well as what the university provides of financial support, technical equipment and human possibilities.