The Student Theatre Forum


Under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the general management of youth welfare organizes the student theatre forum in the university theatre in the Faculty of Commerce on 8-16/12/2015 at 6 pm with the participation of the Faculties:

1)      The Faculty of Arts on Tuesday 8/12/2015

2)      The Faculty of Physical Therapy on Wednesday 9/12/2015

3)      The Faculty of Education on Thursday 10/12/2015

4)      The Faculty of Science on Saturday 12/12/2015

5)      The Faculty of Commerce on Sunday 13/12/2015

6)      The Faculty of Engineering on Monday 14/12/2015

7)      The Faculty of Specific Education on Tuesday 15/12/2015

8)      The Faculty of Sportive Education on Wednesday 16/12/2015