Deans Council


Deans council discusses on Tuesday 10/11/2015 under the authority of Prof Dr Maged el Keamry report about the consequences of heavy rains that fall several times recently on university campus and the procedures that have been taken to overcome this consequences.


As well, the council suggests to form crisis management cells emerging from crises and disasters commission in campus, university faculties and student housing from technical and engineering cadres to ensure university, follow up future risks and deals with university crises.


These cells work on dealing with the risks that the university face, protecting student, staff members and employees by raising the efficiency of drainage systems, reviewing and maintenance electricity and rooftops.


Based on this:


1)      The council agrees on the internationalization of research scientific magazines in university faculties to raise the efficiency of scientific publication and take advantage of scientific and technological programs abroad.


2)      The council agrees to establish fish manufacturing and canning factory in the Faculty of Fisheries and rationalize expenditure as it is the culture of advanced and civilized peoples and national duty in the light of escalating campaigns and economic challenges.