Newton- Mosharafa Missions Program


Cultural Affairs and Missions sector announces, in collaboration with the British Cultural Center and British Embassy in Egypt, about opening the door for missions program financed through the agreement “Newton- Mosharafa” between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt by competitive system and the application will be electronically on the website of cultural affairs and missions sector until 15/11/2015.

The competition is according to the rare and modern specialisms the most contributed in economic development of Egypt which serves the national plan of the state and scientific research and includes the following:

1)      renewable energy

2)      Sustainable food production

3)      Sustainable water management

4)      Healthcare

5)      Archaeology and Cultural Heritage


·         Types of dispatch:

Mutual supervision mission for nine months with a maximum of year and it is not allowed to extend more than this.

The basic terms of application:

·         For getting mutual supervision mission:

1)      The scholarship should be in the institution of higher education in the United Kingdom of Great Britain

2)      The study will be in one of the five specialisms that serve the national plan of the state and scientific research (mentioned above)

3)      The applicant should get Master’s Degree and works as assistant lecturer or assistant researcher in one of authorities listed in missions plan provided that:

A)    The duration of appointment in the dispatch authority should not be less than two years from the date of announcement.

B)    The applicant should not be more than 35 years old from the date of announcement

C)    The applicant should obtain Master’s Degree in the mission specialism

D)    The applicant should get 6.5 degree in IELTS test when applying

E)     The general assessment of the first university degree should be very good at least

F)     The applicant should not have ever get mission or scholarship for the purpose of obtaining a doctorate or collecting scientific material before PHD.

G)    The accreditation of data application is from the sending authority (accredited and sealed from the faculty and university).


·         The financial advantages of the mission:

1)      The British side bears the tuition fees and research expenses.

2)      The general management of missions bears the tickets of travel, salaries and allowances in accordance with the financial regulation of missions for the member according to marital status.


·         How to apply:


1)      First: the application is electronically through the website of cultural affairs and missions sector before 15 November for the year 2015 attached with copies of all required documents

2)      Second: all papers uploaded electronically should be presented on paper to the general management of missions until 15 November for the year 2015 from 9 am until 3 pm in Tahrir complex, the seventh floor (the plan management)

3)      Third: the request will be presented electronically on the website of the British cultural center.


·         The required documents:


1)      Certified statement about the first university degree and the general assessment in graduation by English

2)      Statement about grades in all different materials in all years of study and general assessment in every academic year separately

3)      Accredited certified approves obtaining Master’s Degree or its equivalent in English

4)      Certificate about the date of registration in case that the applicant registers for Doctorate

5)      Modern and accredited case statement indicating the dates of appointment in the jobs that the applicant hold and all achievements

6)      Valid language certificate (the valid of certificate for two years from the date of the exam)

7)      Certificate indicates that the applicant have not ever get mission or scholarship or scientific mission through missions (internal mission, mutual supervision, external mission, scientific mission, scholarship from state, one of programs at the expenses of mission, or any program from special programs or funded from missions)

8)      Project of study plan of Doctorate accredited from the authority of dispatch

9)      Statement about military service

10)    Statement indicate the preliminary approval from foreign professor about the research plan

11)  The approval of the employer for applying for these missions accredited from the vice president for post-graduation studies and research

12)  Accredited data forms Arabic and English.


·         The schedule program:

The last day for application is on Sunday 15/11/2015

For more information, please communicate with us through:

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