Fulbright Program for 2016 for the Development of Youth Professors in Egyptian Faculties


Fulbright program for 2016 for the development of youth professors is to bring them to American institutions for the development of staff members, direction and the activities of cultural exchange in the fields of Engineering and renewable energy as well as teaching English language foreign language (TEFL) and public health during ten weeks from 6/7/2016 until 14/9/2016.

During this period, the professors will be directed to the latest methods in research, teaching, and observation of study classes, attendance of seminars and the development of relations with American Faculties through lectures of weekly guidance.

This program is not intended to provide a place for single research projects as it does not constitute one of components of youth professors development program in the introduction of new methods of research in the specialisms of scholars.

The Fulbright program is sponsored by the U.S. State Department and Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (participation programs)

The goals based on this program:

1)      Building higher educational efficiency through the development and direction of youth professors

2)      Encouraging long-term cooperation and relations between Egyptian and American scientific institutions

3)      Payment of mutual understanding between the US and Egyptian communities to facilitate the process of involvement of Egyptian researches with the host American society.

The available fields for application from Egypt in the following areas:

1)      Engineering and renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro-electric, electric, biofuels and ground bioenergy)

2)      Physics, chemistry, mathematics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering related specifically to renewable energy (do not include petroleum or fields/ nuclear energy engineering)

3)      Public health: epidemiology, food science, health care management, family and community health and professional health.

4)      Linguistics: TESOL, TEFL (do not include literature, American literature and American studies)


·         Standards of acceptance:

1)      The applicant should be resident in Egypt

2)      The applicant should not be American citizen or have US passport or green card

3)      The applicant should be one of staff members in one of universities or the Egyptian institutions of higher education and should get Bachelor degree at least.

4)      The applicant should be resident in Egypt in the time of application during interviews and the stages of choice until the date of travel

5)      The applicant should have Master’s Degree with five years experience at the level of training in universities or Doctorate, but the period of experience in teaching should not be more than five year after obtaining Doctorate.

6)      Master’s Degree holders should be listed in Doctorate program and have three years experience at least in teaching in the universities.

7)      The applicant should speak English fluently

8)      The applicant should be commitment in teaching with the desire to strengthen the skills of teaching and leadership

9)      Academic researcher should focus on one of regiments of scientific specialisms programs

10)   The applicant must have the possibility to travel to United States of America and participate in this program from 6/7/2016 until 14/9/2016

11)  It does not accept the employees on Egyptian Government


·         Aspects of benefit:

1)      Administrative salary

2)      Travel allowance and financial promotion for professional development

3)      Individually furnished housing

4)      Travel and accommodation for the rehabilitation of a workshop to be hosted in Washington

5)      International ticket back and return to and from the United States of America

6)      Health insurance for illnesses and accidents during the period of the study program

7)      It is not allowed to accompany accompanies (including spouse and children) during this program


·         The announcement about this program is on 1ST September 2015

·         The application is available on the following address:


·         The instructions of application is available on:


·         The last date for the application is on 1ST December 2015

·         Personal interview: the first week of January 2016

·         The deadline of application is on 1ST December 2015

For more information, please visit: