Results of Religious Competition in Remember and Tajweed of Holy Quran and Islamic Culture


Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the religious competition in remember and Tajweed of Holy Quran and Islamic Culture among the faculties was held in Development and Information Center on Wednesday and Thursday 21-22/10/2015

The competition was held under the supervision of the general management of youth welfare/ cultural, scientific and art activity management by the supervision and arbitration of:

1)      Prof Dr Osama Abed el Aziz, the professor of Arabic Language, Kafrelsheikh University (arbitration)

2)      Mr Esam Mowafy, the manager of cultural, art and scientific activity management

3)      Mrs Eman Nasif, the official of cultural activity in the university

4)      Mrs Esraa Abed el Mola, the official of classification and distribution of male and female students each of them in the field of specialism

5)      Mr Mahmoud Essa, the official of follow up with the supervisors in the competition from different faculties

6)      Mr Mohamed Rashad, the official of data of male and female student and the field of participation in competition on computer

The closing ceremony of competition will be held on Thursday 22/10/2015 and the ceremony ends with determining the winning centers in the competition and distributing the financial prizes.