The President and “Masr el Kheir” Institution open Student Housing (females)


The president Maged el Kemary accompanied by the General Medhat Ahmed Gamal, the manager of wayfarer project in Masr el Kheir Institution opens on Sunday one of buildings of student after providing its need of furniture and necessary equipment for providing comfort for students living abroad and from his part, the president praises the strenuous efforts of Masr el Kheir institution for the benefit of Egyptian Universities students especially in the sector of student housing pointing out that Masr el Kheir Institution provides necessary equipment and furniture for 20 rooms and 120 double beds for 240 female students in student housing.

As well, he adds that Masr el Kheir Institution was keen to provide student housing with modern and advanced computer lab to help students on scientific research and search for information through using internet adding that the university will provide training courses for the students of student housing on computer such as office, ICDL for the faculties of Engineering and programs of statistics for the Faculty of Commerce.

In a related context, the president presents a documentary about university and what is witnessed of modern developments and advanced laboratories in faculties, university hospital and new buildings for faculties and the institution offered its outstanding activities as wayfarer project which provides all means of possibilities and of comfort for the students of student housing and others of charitable works.