The Participation of Kafrelshikh University in Student Services Conference


Kafrelsheikh University participates in student services conference in Lebanese University of Beirut. The delegation consists of:

1)      Prof Dr Ibrahim Mohamed Amman, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research affairs and the coordinator of (Medawel) project at Kafrelsheikh University

2)      Prof Dr Hossam Farouk, in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the official of quality unit in the project

3)      Mrs Nadia Suliman Owaida, the general manager of student housing and the head of office of university girl rights in the project

4)      The student Mohamed Anwar el Sadaat, the student in the Faculty of Science  and the executive manager of We all supported one against terrorism in Egyptian Universities

Arab Universities such as Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon participate in the events of this conference