“Masr el Kheir” Visits Student Housing and University Hospital


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives in his office the General Medhat Ahmed Gamal, the manager of wayfarer project in Masr el Kheir institution to search the requirements of student housing and provide the necessary furniture and equipment to provide the comfort for expatriate students.

From his part, the president praises the efforts of Masr el Kheir for the favor of the students of Egyptian Universities especially in the sector of university housing pointing out that Masr el Kheir institution provide equipment and furniture for student housing (females) as the numbers of students admitted to student housing reached 5000 students over the level of student housing.

The president adds that Masr el Kheir was keen to provide university housing with modern and developed computer lab to help students to scientific research and search about information through the use of internet adding that the university will provide training courses for the students of students housing on computer such as office, icdl and the programs of practical faculties such as auto cad for the faculties of Engineering and statistics programs for the Faculty of Commerce.

In related context, the president and the manager of wayfarer project in Masr el Kheir survey the new university hospital and medical equipment of the hospital according to the latest international standards as well as the rooms of organ transplant and intensive care.

At the end of the tour, the president and the General Medhat Ahmed Gamal survey “birds of paradise” for staff members and employees which participate in developing the minds of children and helping them to innovation and invention.