El Kemary Grants University Shield to the General Mohab Mamish


On the invitation from the Major General Staff Mohamed Suilman el Zmalout, the commander of military northern region, Dr Hani el Meseri, the mayor of Alexandria governorate ; Dr Osama Hamdy, the mayor of Kafrelsheikh governorate; the general Ahmed Hegazy, the security director of Alexandria governorate and the general Khalid Mustafa, one of the victims of  Karm el Qawadis, battalion 101” and the presidents of Alexandria, Tanta and Kafrelsheikh Universities attend honoring team for the general Mohab Mamish, the manager of Suez Canal Authority held in military northern region in Alexandria.


As well, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary grants the university shield to the team Mohab Mamish for his efforts in the management of Suez Canal Authority and raise the rates of the crossing of ships in the waterway of the canal and his role in digging the new branch of the Suez Canal.