Kafrelsheikh University Participates in the Development of Slums


The President Prof Dr Maged el Kematy assures during the discussion of deans council today morning the necessary of increasing the numbers of medical convoys for slums with bearing all costs of these convoys and deeds necessary for this as well as forming committee of experts and specialists of staff members to limit the areas and squatter markets as well as unplanned regions, preparing scenarios for programs and contests contribute to urban development and the development of slums and capitalize the expertise of researchers in this area to eliminate slums, and provide a better standard of life for its residents, and activating the role of students involved in providing educational outreach and services for the residents of these areas.


He points out that the problem of slums which is no longer limited to just random places, but is extended to the ideas is one of the most common problems that threaten Egypt according to the tremendous population growth that we are experiencing, stressing the need to take advantage of human capital and qualify it for the advancement of society.