Deans Council



مجلس عمداء جامعة كفرالشيخ


Deans Council

Deans council discuss on Monday 13/7/2015 under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary the following:

1)      The possibility of participation the university in initiative (summer of our sons) in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture by the launch of the millionth reader project which aims to present small library as a gift for every Egyptian family from the works of staff members in the university.

2)      The general trend in the state to rationalize expenditure not to prevent activities and events to achieve the target of the shortest path and maintain educational and research requirements in line with the requirements of the current phase and the optimal use of the existing possibilities and depend on own resources instead of entirely dependence on state budget.

3)      The conversion of foreign languages and translation center in the Faculty of Arts to special unit in the university

4)      The establishment of Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers Center as special unit in the university

5)      The establishment of Entrepreneurship and Consultation Center as special unit in the university

6)      The establishment of discrimination programs in the faculties to increase the own resources in the university

7)      The establishment of bilateral Master’s Degree in some rare specialists in cooperation with foreign university with scientific transport and scientific academy goodwill to grant dual certification.