Italian Technological and Scientific Cooperation


Within the renewal of executive program of the technological and scientific cooperation agreement between Scientific Research Academy and National Council of Italian Research for the academic year 2015/2016, the academy is honored to announces about asking for research proposals to be included within executive program provided that the Egyptian and Italian researchers agrees on the project formula described in the book.

Every research should send project proposal for the Academy and National Council of Italian Research in the same time according to the attached projects form and the application is in all research fields.

 As well, this program is valid for 24 months and the Academy funds every project of an amount 50000 pounds for a year, note that the last day for applying research proposals is on December 30, 2015.

Four copies of proposals sealed and accredited from the research should be delivered to the following address:

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, 101 Kasr el Aini Street, Cairo, scientific agreements management, general management of scientific relations, the fourth floor

In the case of approval to insert the proposal within the described program, the research authority will be notifies to complete the followed procedures in this regard.