Achievements of el Kemary, the President of Kafrelsheikh University, during Three Years


Kafrelsheikh University celebrates its ninth annual day in the presence of Kafrelsheikh governor Prof Dr Osama Abed el Wahid and the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the vices of president, staff members and employees.

During the ceremony, documentary film is displayed about the university and what has been achieved during three years: the period of the appointment of Prof Dr Maged el Kemary as the president of Kafrelsheikh University as university is transferred from incomplete infrastructure, rickety central auditoriums, student housing needing for comprehensive maintenance and unpaved streets, post-graduate programs in only three faculties (Agriculture, Education and Veterinary Medicine) as well as unstable political conditions, loss of security and morals and limited material resources to university steps towards universality.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary began the first steps of development by re-administrative structure to overcome the administrative corruption and the rationalization of expenditure and maximizing the use of the possibilities available, in addition to the re-planning and structuring the campus in accordance with the standards of the twenty-first century, and at the level of academic work, the last period witnessed an expansion in the establishment of new seven faculties and they are the Faculties of Pharmacy,  Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Fisheries as well as Computer and Information in which the study will begin in the next year as well as establishing university hospital with capacity of 400 beds and it is currently processed in accordance with the international quality specifications.

As well, the university develops, repairs, restores and raising the efficiency of all old facilities and constructions of buildings, auditoriums, student housing, food hall and modernizing new food hall as well as restore and repairs some modern constructions to create suitable educational environment, then pays attention to aesthetic values by exploiting all spaces as green spaces to enable the university to occupy the rank No 129 internationally, No 6 on Africa and No 1 at the level of governmental Egyptian universities.

On the research side, the university has achieved academic accreditation from scientific, academic and global authorities for the three scientific excellence centers as well as the accreditation of Faculty and Leadership Development Center and transfers it to international center of human development and continuous education

As well, the university pays attention to all student activities especially sportive activities through establishing six open clubs and beach playground.

In the field of scientific research, it was restructured through preparing strategic plan for scientific research with clear vision of the priorities of scientific research as well as it starts in establishing specialist research groups to participate in developing scientific climate, infrastructures, research outputs and post-graduation programs according to international standards to support university abilities as research university able to achieve sustainable development. Also, it has been increasing the value of university values and modernizing the awards of scientific excellence of staff members, the award of the best Master's Degree and Doctorate theses for administrators, assistant lecturers and researchers and administrative excellence award in university. As well, the award of international publishing is increased to 75 thousand pounds for published research in Science or Nature magazine to ensure raising the abilities of scientific publishing at the international level.

Also, the university pays attention to attract expatriates from Arab and African countries and others.

Due to the increase demand on the university from the students of other governorates, the capacity of student housing is increased to 4000 male and female students as they repair and renovate eight buildings for female students, convert the buildings of the Faculty of Engineering in Shakaa to Student union (male) and furnishing four buildings for female students and it is currently completed redesigning, repairing and renovating the buildings of the Faculty of Specific Education and converts it to student housing (males).


As result of what the university has achieved of great development in educational and research process, the university ranking has been developed at the local, regional and international levels through webometrics classification which measures the quality of educational and research process. Otherwise, the classification of university has been improved from No 28 to No 8 at the level of Egyptian universities among 58 governmental universities and the university has ranked No 28 at the level of Arabia universities among 990 universities; No 31 at the level of African universities among 1321 universities and No 2292 at the level of international universities.

For the classification of green eco-friendly universities, the university has ranked No 2 locally after American university, No 6 on the Arab World and 129 internationally

Finally, the university establishes birds of Jannah as the last item in his election program.