The Donation of the Faculty of Education for University Hospital


Team of the students of the Faculty of Education do a campaign for collecting donation from the faculty students to equip university hospital for patients with the beginning of the next academic year and they could assemble 26 thousand pounds in short time

As well, one of the organizers of the campaign said that this idea comes from the call launched by the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary for awareness about the importance of establishing university hospital based on the service and treatment of people of governorate and neighboring governorates, meant to provide medical service at the highest scientific and technical level under the supervision of specialists of scientific cadres particularly in what the province suffers from spreading many chronic diseases.

The President stressed that in the presence of this good spirit of students and the sons of local community which means the importance of establishing and equipping this medical edifice will enable us to accomplish and open it with the beginning of the new academic year.

The team officials have explained to the students how to donate on Account No:

800800 Alexandria bank, Kafrelsheikh branch

666666 united bank, Kafrelsheikh branch

111111/1/231 Egypt Bank, Kafrelsheikh branch

Or by contributing to spreading the culture of donation outside university to support this project which serves the people of Kafrelsheikh governorate and neighboring governorates