The Accreditation of Scientific Magazines published by Massive House for Scientific Publishing


The following scientific magazines which are published by Massive House for Scientific Research as specialized scientific magazines are accredited by promotion committee of scientific committee for veterinary sciences committee No 99 and it is granted the degree No 7

The supreme council of universities is notified to be included within the accredited scientific magazines in promotion of researchers.

·         Middle East and North Africa Journal of Animal Sciences (MENAJAS) ISSN 2356 6299

·         Global of Fisheries and Aquaculture Researches (JGFAR) ISSN 2356 – 6329

·         Global Journal of Environmental Sciences and Toxicology - ISSN 2356-6264

       We therefore call upon all the gentlemen researchers or scholars and scientists, who wish in publishing researches at the local or international level, send their researches rapidly to Massive House of Scientific publishing

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