The Visit of the Nigerian Ambassador to Kafrelsheikh University


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives Senator Lawan Gana Juba, Ambassador of Nigeria in Cairo today to search the ways of cooperation between Kafrelsheikh University and Nigerian universities as he expresses his admiration and fascination with the educational and research possibilities and university facilities designed on the latest model of international quality standards.

As well, the visitor does a survey to the different faculties and green spaces as he visits the Faculties of Medicine, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine as well as the Faculty of Sportive Education of clubs, covered hall, beach playground, and squash playgrounds and he also visits the Faculty of Science of laboratories and research centers especially Nanotechnology center, solar energy lab, Nano photons lab, magnetic resonance lab, kinetic chemistry lab as well as the visit of university hospital still under construction.

During the meeting, they discussed the ways of cooperation between kafrelsheikh University and Nigerian universities through the exchange of staff members and the reception of Kafrelsheikh University for the students of bachelor, licentiate and post-graduation for study in Kafrelsheikh Univesity.

During the meeting, the ambassador proposed to set up a branch of Kafrelsheikh University in Nigeria.