The Formation of Research Groups to Promote Research Work at Kafrelsheikh University


In an initiative of Kafrelsheikh University for the development of infrastructure of scientific research and provision of an attractive and stimulating structure of excellence and creativity, Kafrelsheikh University council under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary agrees to form research groups to enhance research work, improve the abilities of researchers, administrators, assistant lecturers and students of post-graduation as well as direct their research interests for the service of sustainable development.

As well, the president confirmed that the outputs of research groups will be evaluated annually through performance indicators to determine the possibility of continuing research groups.

He adds that the success of research group will lead to establish research institutes, Entrepreneurship Centers, technology incubators, companies, Intellectual Property Office to register patents and increase awareness of culture which is the ultimate goal of partnership between university and industry as well as work on restructuring scientific research through continuous education, technology transfer and localization and transition from research to application.