Rules of Sabbatical Leave for Staff Members from the Supreme Council of Universities


Prof Dr Maged el Kemary

Kafrelsheikh University President


I honored to notify that the supreme council of universities discuss in its council on Thursday 16/1/2014 the book of Beni Suef University about the approval of university council on report from formed committee to put the rules of granting sabbatical leave for staff members and the council decides the following:

1)      The council takes note of rules of granting sabbatical leave for staff members as the following:

·         This leave is allowed to grant for lecturers and assistant professors of staff members (article 88) for once in scientific degree and maximum of year non-renewable

·         It is not allowed for whom spent ten year is this degree without applying for promotion

·         This leave does not allow for staff member to work in any authority inside or outside through this period.

·         Staff member should spend three year in the degree in the service of educational process and have published scientific books (researches and books)

·         He/she should provide a plan which conform with plan of scientific researches and in the end of leave, he/she should provide a report about what he/she had done in the limits of plan and reviews this report and scientific works on committee formed by post-graduation council to be accredited and this is unacceptable only after the approval of the committee

·         In case of breach of item No 3 and No 6, the members of level should return amounts which he/she obtained and presents himself/herself to legal accountability.

·         The financial treatment for staff member who has sabbatical leave according to article No 88 of universities regulation law as the following:

A)    Staff member is paid all his/her salary during leave as this leave is one of leaves mentioned in universities regulation law especially scientific missions of staff members according to article No 87 of mentioned law as it is provided that (delegation receives full salary during the period of mission) especially sabbatical leave is as close as possible to scientific mission of nature, extension and the commitment of staff member to present a report about works that he/she does and copies of researches that he/she has conducted

B)    Staff member is paid reward during sabbatical leave whatever the financial resources available from outcomes of special units and outcomes of special funds after fulfilling all its financial obligations according to universities regulation law, its executive schedule, visa of the Ministry of Finance and the rules prescribed by the Supreme Council of Universities.

C)    Referring the matter to the supreme council of post-graduation and research to study and express opinion.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Universities

Prof Dr Ashraf Hatem