Post-Graduation and Research Council Approves the Proposal of treatment of Art Galleries as Conferences Materially


Post-graduation studies council No 100 reviews on Sunday 15/2/2015 the proposal from Prof Dr Fekry Mohamed Okasha, the professor emeritus of photography in Art Education Department in the Faculty of Specific Education approved by the faculty council on Monday 1/12/2014 about the treatment of art galleries as scientific research and especially in financial support for staff member to travel abroad to hold galleries and expenses of printing catalog, booking hall and insuring art works until they come back to home land or inside Egypt as permanent scientific committee of professor and assistant professor promotion requires two researches and three galleries.

"The approval of the treatment of art galleries as the attendance of foreign conferences but artworks should not be less than 30 works and scientific department should evaluate them, accredit its advancement to participate in international galleries and accredit them from the faculty council. Every case should be presented separately on post-graduation and cultural relations council to take the appropriate decision."