Scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Russia


Many scholarships are specialized for Egyptian students for Doctorate for students who intend to study in Russian Governmental Universities at the expense of Russian side.

The foreign students (Egyptians) will receive during their period of study financial scholarship (for admission only post-graduation institutions) and the places of university housing will match their living conditions with Russian citizens who are studying at the expenses of Russian Federal budget

They cover expenses relating to organizing the reception of foreign students when arrival to Russia in airport and take him/her to the place of study.

The scholar bears the value of buying the policy of Russian health insurance


The terms:

1)      The applicant should be no more than 32 years old on Saturday 31/10/2015

2)      The applicant's service in authority should not be less than two years and should be assistant lecturer or its equivalent in one of Egyptian universities or research centers or administrator or assistant lecturer provided if he/she get Master's Degree

3)      The applicant should be fluent in English Language spoken and written and achieve linguistic level in English 61 degree in IBT test or 5 degrees in IELTS test.

·         The last day for application is on Wednesday 25/3/2015


·         The required documents:

1)      The approval of sending authority for the nomination of scholar for scholarship

2)      Copy of application form+ copy of Language certificate

3)      Data form in Arabic accredited from authority (explaining the date of nomination)

4)      Certified research plan in Arabic and English

5)      CV in English and accredited

The application is through website:

The required documents are delivered to central management of missions in Tahrir complex, the seventh floor, and room No 8