The Honor of Students of Student Housing in Student Housing Youth Week


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and the vice president for education and students' affairs Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli honor the students in student housing youth week held in Sohag University as they get many places in this cycle:

1)      Gold medal and the first place cup for volley ball team (male students)

2)      Gold medal and the first place cup in duet (male and female students)

3)      Gold medal and the first place cup in presentations (male and female students)

4)      Gold medal in weight lifting for special needs students

5)      Gold medal in singing (male students)

6)      Silver medal for futsal (male students)

7)      Silver medal in long jump (male students)

8)      Silver medal in information league (male and female students)

9)      Silver medal and the second place cup in Fine Arts Gallery (male and female students)

10)  Silver medal in running for long distances 3 kilometers (female students)

11)  Bronze medal in athletics, race 800 m (male students)

12)  Bronze medal in arm-wrestling for students with special needs

13)  Bronze medal in singing for female students

14)  Bronze medal in poetry for male students

15)  The third place and bronze medal in ideal student competition

16)  Mrs Nira Salah, the title of ideal supervisor in scout activity

17)  The title of ideal trainer for scouts activity