The Progress of Kafrelsheikh University Ranking within Spanish Ranking "Webometrics"


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said that Kafrelsheikh University has made progress in ranking "webometrics" and achieved the place No 8 at the level of Egyptian universities and there are 58 governmental universities; the place No 28 among 990 Arab countries and No 31 at the level of African universities among 1321 universities and ranked No 2292 at the level of international universities.

Any Egyptian or Saudi or Israeli or Iranian or Turkish universities did not appear among the top one hundred world-class universities while 58 American universities tops the ranking within the best hundred universities, China with five universities, Canada with five universities and United Kingdom with four universities. Otherwise, Cairo University (the best Egyptian university) gets the rank No 474 internationally; the best Arab university (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia) in the rank No 244 in the world and the best African university (Cape Town University, South Africa) in the rank 328 in the world. Harvard University, United States of America, tops the world ranking, then followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the second place.

On the other hand, national Taiwan University tops Asian ranking and ranks no 30 in the world, while Japanese Tokyo University falls behind to the fifth place in Asian Ranking, but No 60 in the world unprecedented by Korean Seoul University which has No 51 in the world. Also, Japanese Kyoto University falls behind the ninth place in Asian ranking and No 87 in the world, while Cambridge University maintains its place at the top of European ranking and ranks No 15 in the world, then Oxford University in the second place.


 Many institutions specialize, around the world, ranking of university. Among the most prominent international rankings are "Times" and "Shanghai" as well as "Webometrics" which follows "Sabermetrics" for researchers in Madrid subordinate to scientific information center, one of institutions subordinate to the supreme council of researchers, the major scientific research institutions in Spain. As well, ranking depends on four indicators for evaluation summarizing in four criteria are: size intended to educational and research sources in university website by 20 percent; visibility intended to the number of internet websites which refer to university website by 50 percent; rich files through the size of databases on university website through Google and represent 15 percent; Scholar which is obtained from Google Scholar and represent 15 percent. Webometrics ranking is conducted every six months and the results are announced in the end of January and July of each year.