Survey with Deputy Editor of the Journal of Republic


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives Mr Saied Gad, the deputy editor of republic journal and Mr Mohamed Talat, journalist in republic journal. The gentlemen do a survey inside university as he visit the Faculty of Dentistry  and university hospital which will be open this year accompanied by the vice president for education and students' affairs Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa and Mr Abed Allah Gad, General-Secretary.

As well, the journalist Prof Dr Saied Gad praises the effort done in the university and university massive edifice is non-existent on the reality. We hope that everyone see all these possibilities and high techniques used by the president which is keen on the seriousness in his work and his continued trying to complete the work until it comes out like this dazzling shape for all.

He praises the honorable form of the university which we have not seen before in any other university as it contributes largely to change and improve governorate and its sons.

It is agreed to sign cooperation protocol between university and Tahrir institution especially republic journal to train medical cadres.