Scientific Research and Its Applications


The Faculty of Nursing organizes the first seminar about the importance of scientific research and its applications under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary; the dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof Dr Mohga Abed el Aziz and the vice dean for post-graduation studies Prof Dr Abeer Esawy in Cairo University, the president has stressed the need to focus and improve scientific research, where the university is always working to encourage researchers and customize them with prizes for scientific publishing and that up to 75 000 pounds for published research in Nature or Science magazine annually.

As well, he points out that the quality of research is one of the most important factors of scientific research success done through paying attention to the structuring of research staff inside university to form research groups which eventually lead to improving the quality of research.

He stressed the need for a partnership with universities in the world and always work to attract distinguished scholars contribute to the upgrading of scientific research in university so that we can improve the university's reputation internationally and improve the international classification of the university.

Otherwise, the president explains that Kafrelsheikh University is paying attention to infrastructure of scientific research and always working to provide safe environment that contribute largely to attract outstanding minds to upgrade the quality of scientific research which serves community, so it is necessary to work on linking scientific research with problems that community faces and to benefit from available possibilities to solve these problems and reach the best results.