Modification of Some Terms of Announcement of Missions Plan for the Third Year 2014/2015 and others of Missions and Scholarships


Executive Committee of the missions under the chairmanship of the minister agrees on Tuesday 13/1/2015 to modify some terms of announcement of missions plan for the third year 2014/2015 and others of missions and scholarships as the following:

1)      In case of failure to achieve the linguistic level for the announcement of missions plan for the third year 2014/2015, it is allowed to present receipt about booking the test of language through the period of announcement and presenting statement about achieving the required linguistic level before 28/2/2015.

2)      The scholars registered for Doctorate is allowed to apply for mutual supervision missions with the need to attach a research plan certified from scientific department, sending, Egyptian and Foreign supervisors with ratification from the candidate that in the case of the refuse of department to register research plan for which he/she is nominated, they will not implement the external part of mission before registration for Doctorate and present certified plan of department, authority of dispatch and Egyptian and Foreign supervisors.