youth welfare

The objectives of the Youth Welfare:

                    · Interest in student activities in various scientific, cultural, artistic, social and sports fields.

                    · Development of spiritual and moral values among college students.

                    · Broadcast sound spirit among university students and closer ties between them and gentlemen faculty and staff members.

                    · Students discover talents and abilities and skills and refined and encouraged.

                    · Disseminate and promote the formation of student families and support their activities.

                    · Publishing and organizing sporting, social and artistic and cultural activities and mobile camps public service and upgrading and encourage outstanding there.

                    · Take advantage of the potential of students in community service, including a beneficial to their beloved.

Union of Students:

The Students 'Union is the path of Forensic Track and natural in which university students called creativity and innovation in activities through various committees Students' Union (Sports phones, cultural and families, social and technical).

The Committee shall cultural activity as follows: -
                    · Work on literary and cultural energies to the development of students.

                    · Organizing literary competitions in poetry and free Zajal and short story and article areas.

                    · Organize religious competitions in memorizing the Quran and recite the hadith and religious information.

                    · Prepare magazines Wall literary and cultural journal and versions.

                    · The establishment of cultural, religious and scientific seminars are hosted leaders of thought, religion, culture, politics, literature and health.

The administrative structure of the Department of Youth Welfare



Head of Department

mohamed elshinawy

Specialist sports

badr elsabah 

Specialist sports

Alaa Ahmed Mansour

       · Methods of communication:
      Youth Care site altogether: Third round
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Group Youth Care College on Facebook: students of the Faculty of Medicine Shaikh University Association