student union

The Students' Union is the path of Forensic Track and natural in which creativity and innovation college students called in activities through various committees Student Union (Sports phones, cultural and families, social and artistic).

Objectives of the Students' Union
Aimed at student unions to achieve the following:

A-spiritual and moral development of national consciousness among students and train them on leadership styles and the opportunity to express their values.
(B) the development of university spirit among students and deepen the ties between them and the faculty and staff members.
C-discover the talents and abilities of the students and their development.
D-publish and promote the formation of families and cooperatives and student support activities.
E-publishing and organizing sporting, social and scout, technical, cultural, and their standard height and encourage the outstanding activities.
-And benefit from the potential of students to serve the community and develop a spirit of participation.
The Student Union Council works to achieve the goals of student unions through seven committees are:

1-committee of student families.

2-committee sporting activity.

3-committee of artistic activity.

4-committee of cultural activity.

5-committee Activity phones and public service.

6-committee of social activity and excursions.

7. Commission of Science and Technology.


The Federation Council annually led by the Dean or his representative in the faculty members and the membership of:

· Pioneers of the Federation Council committees of faculty members.
· Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries of the Union of Committees of students.
Students are elected council members, including Secretary and Deputy Secretary General of the Council and attend meetings of the Board Chairman of the technical staff for the care of young college and be faithful to the Fund Board.

How to apply for nomination for election to the students union
Whoever apply for candidacy in the membership of the Federation Council, the faculty committees that the following conditions are met it:

1-be enjoying the nationality of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

2-Mtcefa moral character to be the True and reputable.

3-to be a regular student in an emerging squad is staying for re-where for whatever reason.

4-be putting the fees Union.

5-be with remarkable activity in the field of work of the Commission, which run the
6-should not have been convicted of a deprivation of liberty or a report or stop dropping its membership to one student associations or committees.
· And have to stand in writing on the form prepared by the university for that and have the Youth Welfare Department of the college are as follows committees
Union and the activities carried out by each committee.
Sports Committee

Committee student unions and families

Committee cultural and artistic activity

Committee phones and public service and camps

Social activities and excursions Management