Opening the door for registration for postgraduate studies for the master's and doctoral levels in medicine and surgery for the academic year 2022-2023



The Faculty of Human Medicine at Kafr El-Sheikh University is pleased to announce the opening of the door to apply for enrollment for master's and doctoral degrees in the credit hours system in the following departments:


·      General surgery


·      Internal diseases


·      Cardiovascular medicine


·      Diseases of the liver, digestive system and infectious diseases


·      Cardiothoracic surgery


·      Urinary and reproductive tract surgery


·      Anesthesia, surgical intensive care and pain management (Masters only)


·      8 - Human Anatomy and Embryology (Masters only)


The applicant must fulfill the following conditions (according to the college’s postgraduate studies regulations):


·      The student must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from one of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt that is subject to the law regulating Egyptian universities, or holders of equivalent scientific degrees from the Supreme Council of Universities - with a general grade of at least good.


·      That the student has passed the concession period.


·      To apply for a doctoral degree, the student must have a master's degree in the subject of specialization with at least a good grade from one of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt subject to the Egyptian Universities Organization Law, or from any of the universities recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities.


·      That the student fulfills the conditions of the scientific department approved by the College Council (if any)


Completion of the required documents:


·      Enrollment request


·      A bachelor's degree showing the general grade and the grade for the specialization


·      Certificate of Excellence


·      Birth certificate (electronic)


·      A copy of the national ID card after reviewing the original


·      Employer approval for registration and full-time studies


·      Attitude towards conscription (for males)


·      recent photographs (white background)


·      Master's degree with grade indicated (for doctoral enrollment)