Conference of the Department of Pediatrics, Kafrelsheikh University, entitled "New in Pediatrics"


 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Abdel Razek Desouky - President of Kafr El Sheikh University and Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abdel Aal, Vice President of the University


 The fourth conference of the Department of Pediatrics was held in cooperation with the Society of Pediatrics and Neonatology in Kafr El-Sheikh, Faculty of Medicine, in the Seminar Hall, for two days. The conference was opened by His Excellency Prof. Dr. Taha Ismail, Dean of the College.


 And Prof. Dr. Nahla Naseer, Vice Dean of the College for Postgraduate Studies and Research. A group of professors from various Egyptian universities attended the conference.

Prof. Dr. Atef Dunya, Al-Azhar Medicine for Boys

Professor Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Malik, Al-Azhar Medicine, Boys

 Dr. Heba Riyad, Kafr El-Sheikh Medicine

Dr. Abeer Salameh, Kafr El-Sheikh Medicine

 Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar, Kafr El-Sheikh Medicine

  Dr. Ola Taha, Tanta Medicine

Dr. Amal Shehata, the Serum and Vaccine Authority, Cairo

 The conference was attended by many doctors from Kafr El-Sheikh University, Kafr El-Sheikh general hospitals, Al-Sadr and Kafr El-Sheikh diets, Desouk Al-Markazi and Sidi Salem Al-Markazi

The conference resulted in many recommendations regarding the new treatment of pediatric diseases and guidance that there should be workshops on the sidelines of the department's conference next year.