Kafr El-Sheikh Medicine organizes the first scientific conference of the Department of Chest Diseases


 Under the auspices of Dr. Abdel Razek Desouky, President of the University, and Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aal, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, under the supervision of Dr. Taha Ismail, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

The Department of Chest Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine at Kafr El-Sheikh University organized a scientific conference entitled “The First Scientific Conference of the Department of Chest Diseases” at Helnan Dream Hotel in 6th of October City. The conference was attended by Dr. Education and students, and Dr. Wael El-Feki, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, within the framework of activating the role of the university in building a healthy society that keeps pace with the highest degrees of scientific progress in various fields of medicine.

At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Abdel-Razek Dasouki welcomed the participants, hoping that the conference would benefit the university and the medical sector in general, by identifying all new and fruitful things, exchanging scientific experiences between different universities, and health education for all segments of society about excellence in safe medical practices. And modern technologies in early detection and treatment, and scientific research and its developments in various fields that keep pace with the course of advanced medical service.

 The President of the University greeted the participants in the conference, and the administration of the College of Medicine, the organizers of the conference, expressing his hope that the conference will reach important results and recommendations that achieve the goal of its establishment in linking research experiences with reality, exchanging experiences and learning about everything new in the field of contemporary challenges for medical care to provide health care that meets the needs All levels of local and regional health institutions.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aal, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, explained that the conference was attended by a group of professors of chest diseases and heads of departments from a number of universities, to exchange experiences and research results in chest diseases, and to develop practical research methods, stressing that the exchange of experiences represents one of the key The important basic pillars of the integrated health and medical care system that Kafrelsheikh University is keen to achieve.