Visit of the laboratory rehabilitation project team at the College of Medicine for international accreditation



Prof. Abdel-Razek Desouki, President of the University, received a team from the Project Management Unit at the Ministry of Higher Education, “Project Rehabilitation of Laboratories for International Accreditation,” headed by Dr. Osama Saqr, Director of Project Management at the Supreme Council, Dr. Farhat Saad, consultant on the project, and Dr. Mahmoud Wafik, consultant on the project, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aal, Vice President of the University. For Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Taha Ismail, Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine, Dr. Muhammad Abu Wali, the Quality Assurance Center at the University, Dr. Amr Abu Hani, Executive Director of Information and Projects at the University, and the executive directors of the projects at the Faculty, within the framework of qualifying the laboratories of the Faculty of Human Medicine at Kafr El-Sheikh University for international accreditation from the Council National Accreditation Center (EGAC).

After holding the meeting with the university president, the team went to the quality assurance center in the college to visit the laboratories of the College of Human Medicine in the twelfth session of each of the toxicology laboratory, the clinical microbiology laboratory, and the flow cytometry laboratory project. The visit program included a brief presentation of the project's achievements (ppt) that includes the most important The outputs of the project, and the signing of the minutes of delivery and receipt in the presence of the members of the committee.
Prof. Abdel-Razek Desouky, President of the University, praised the achievement that has been achieved and the university’s obtainment of a distinguished number of research projects. He also praised the efforts made and the steps that are being taken towards raising the research and academic level of the university with the aim of achieving a high level of excellence, regional and international leadership, achieving sustainable development and Egypt’s vision 2030. .

The Clinical Microbiology Laboratory also provides services to Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate and its surroundings, serving more than 5 million citizens, and as the governorate suffers from a high infection rate and the spread of bacterial and infectious diseases, we seek to improve the service provided in the region. Accurate diagnosis of bacterial diseases, viral and fungal diseases, conducting sensitivity tests, and identifying appropriate antibiotics, which helps speed up their treatment and preserves their lives, and conducts more research in less time with accurate and approved results, which encourages many researchers to apply to conduct their research in this laboratory.

 Finally, the flow cytometry laboratory represents a major part of the diagnostic process for patients with blood tumors. By developing the laboratory, the college seeks to provide immediate service to patients and save time and effort in sending samples or patients to other governorates, which negatively affects the patient and delays treatment. The flow cytometry laboratory will be in the College of Medicine, University Kafr El-Sheikh is a leading laboratory in the field of virtual immunohistochemistry used in the diagnosis and follow-up of leukemia patients in the middle of the Delta, where it will become a central laboratory that receives samples from many laboratories and hospitals.