Academic levels


1.        Language, where level content is suitable to students’ cognitive level.

2.        Modern teaching methods, striking a balance between language skills.

3.       A focus on audiovisual stimuli, using videos, tracks and images while introducing knowledge interestingly and gradually.

TAFL standards

The TAFL Center follows ACTFL standards in designing its programs and introducing language skills and proficiency. ACTFL standards include five levels: Distinguished, Superior, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice. The major levels – Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice – are subdivided into High, Mid, and Low.

Based on TAFL tests, students fall into these levels.

Types of tests

·        Placement tests

·        Achievement tests

·        Proficiency tests 

4.        Module exercises should be adequate, varied and accompanied by clear instructions. They should feature an easy-to-hard, verbal-to-written and receptive-to-productive order.

5.        The learning process is student-centered through remote learning or self-learning, while instructors are seen as a guide, mentor and facilitator.

6.        Special attention is given to linguistic, communicative and cultural competencies in teaching Arabic.

7.        A range of language activities that make learning easier (i.e., language partner) is used.

The center’s facilities

1.       Air-conditioned rooms are available at Kafrelsheikh’s Faculty of al-Alsun, giving students an opportunity to communicate with Egyptian students inside the campus in Arabic.

2.       Phonetics labs are fully equipped with high-tech equipment to help improve students’ listening and speaking skills.

3.       Kafrelsheikh’s campus gives non-native students an opportunity to communicate and make friends with native students, enriching their culture and language skills.

4.       The dormitory (both economic and hotel residence) also helps make a difference.


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