Youth welfare



 (General Objectives of Faculty of Al-Alsun  Kafrelsheikh University)

1 - Provide the scientific and cultural climate for students to develop themselves.

2 - Use the latest educational and technological means in the field of foreign languages ??

in order to provide them with a high quality education.  

3 - Developing foreign language in the students and providing them with the necessary scientific

expertise, as well as taking into consideration their individual differences,

training them and preparing them to serve the community.

4 - Contribute to the service of the community to establish courses and workshops in foreign languages ??

and translation and learn about the culture of the other and the

definition of the other culture of our society.                                 

 (Strategic Goals of Faculty of Al -Alsun Kafrelsheikh University )

1. Improving the educational and technological environment and the infrastructure of the college and laboratories.

2 - Development and development of human cadres faculty and raise the skills of faculty members and assistants

and employees of the College.

3 - Developing the intellectual ambition of the students to provide the creative intellectual environment

necessary for creativity and excellence.

4 - Adhering to the quality standards and continuous development of the administrative and

service system of the College.

5 - Development of systems and methods of evaluation and examinations.

Dear students,

   We are welcoming you and we are honored to meet you in various activities

through the Youth Care Department. We are here to solve your problems,

practice activities, guide your goals, upgrade your ambitions, and develop your

creativity. Our goal is to prepare you to handle the rapid development of the

modern age.

    Through these lines, we are inviting all students to engage in educational,

 sports, scientific, artistic, social and cultural activities away from intellectual and

moral extremism and to seek greater progress and prosperity. With best wishes

for the New Year!


                                         With regards, 


Faculty’s youth Care