The faculty Secretariat


Mrs \Iman Nassif Taoudros


1-Specialist in the National Population Council

2- Head of Family and Childhood Department, Directorate of Social Affairs.

3 – Responsible for l more than 500 private nursery licenses.

4- Supervising nurseries, children's library, orphanages and children's clubs in the governorate.

5 – responsible for the ideal mother forms at the level of the province and organize the annual ceremony in the province.

6 – Organization of the orphanage day (the first Friday) of April each year.

7 – Contributes in the collective wedding (40 bride) orphan in cooperation with Orman House and self-help.

8- Technical Activity Officer at Kafr El-Sheikh University.

9 – Contributes in the collective wedding for female orphan’s university students in cooperation with Rotary Club Editorial cost (150 thousand pounds).


10-Secretary of Faculty of Alsun on 1/8/2016.


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