Major General Gamal Noor El-Deen in the Hospitality of Kafrelsheikh University Council



Today Tuesday 27/4/2021, the university council holds its monthly meeting under the authority of the President Prof Dr Abedelrazek Desouky in the presence of Major General Gamal Noor El-Deen; Prof Dr Hasan Youness, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research; Prof Dr Reda Salih, the vice president for community service and environment development; Prof Dr Mohammad Abed El-All, the vice president for education and students’ affairs, the deans and the council members.

Dr Desouky welcomes the Governor of Kafrelsheikh, Major General Jamal Nour El-Deen, thanking his Excellency for honoring the university and for participating in its council meeting.

As well, the Council confirms the implementation of the hybrid education system announced since the beginning of the current academic year, "combining in education between student attendance on campus and online education," with a commitment to reduce the number of students in auditoriums, classrooms and practical training laboratories to achieve social distancing according to the determined numbers, and that student attendance on the universities and institutes are in accordance with the previous decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities, which confirm that students of theoretical faculties are not present for more than two days per week, and students of practical faculties between 3-4 days per week, according to the nature of study in the various faculties and institutes.

From his part, Major General Jamal Noor El-Deen, the Governor of Kafrelsheikh, expresses his happiness at his presence in the campus among scholars, stressing that the university is the house of expertise, science and consultations for the governorate in various fields, referring to the continuous cooperation between the university and the governorate's agencies that achieves the implementation of development programs for the people of the governance.

He also invites the University Council to participate in supporting and promoting projects and investment opportunities that support the process of economic growth in the governorate and provide more development projects and job opportunities, stressing that encouraging investment opens promising opportunities to take advantage of the governorate's fundamentals.


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