The study began Mechanical Engineering Department in 1991 belonging to the Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University in 2006 belonging to the Faculty of Engineering, Kafrelsheikh University to cover a large area of multiple engineering fields, where includes the application of knowledge of the science of engineering in the design and manufacturing of the equipment and design of control systems that are used in the transfer or areas the use of thermal energy to provide a job or a service to the community. For that to happen requires high performance and quality assurance, while maintaining a clean environment.

        Multiple opportunities for a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Department, where a more comprehensive use of design systems and production subsidized computer CAD / CAM in the manufacturing and production, quality control, automatic control and mechatronics, power plants, energy systems, maintenance of mechanical systems, design and construction of air conditioning systems, ventilation and heating, maintenance and installation of pump stations .

       And exercise training on student issues in the design during the years of study and then culminates this project graduation, which represents training on the use of foundations process in completing the subject of the project as an opportunity to practice working in the team.