The Prime Minister's Decision No. 1142 was issued on 25/11/1976 to establish the Faculty of Engineering within the faculties of Tanta University.

In 1984, it was announced that faculty members and support staff were required to work in the college, and a number of them had already been appointed to the departments of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and civil engineering.

The college did not open its doors for the following years until the beginning of the academic year 1990/1991, due to the lack of a suitable building and the lack of financial capabilities to equip the college’s workshops and laboratories.

In August 1990, Kafrelsheikh Governorate presented an offer to open the Faculty of Engineering on the governorate’s land. It is known that there is a branch of Tanta University in Kafrelsheikh that included at that time the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a branch of the Faculty of Commerce

The governorate donated the former building to Tanta University to start studying at the Faculty of Engineering. The honorable people of Kafrelsheikh donated financial support from the outcome of self-efforts amounting to about 900,000 pounds to contribute to the operations of equipping the college’s workshops and laboratories.

Counselor Mahmoud Abu El-Leil, Governor of Kafrelsheikh, donated an acre of a cement brick factory to the college.


The building was inspected in September 1990 by a committee formed by the Prof. Dr. Minister of Education, which included:

      Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Fawzy, the current Chairman of the Investment Authority

      Prof. Dr. Farouk Ismail, former Vice President of Cairo University

      Prof. Dr. / Abdel Razek Abdel Fattah

The committee approved the building to be the place of study for the Faculty of Engineering

The study has began in the faculty on Saturday, October 27, 1990 in the preparatory year, and 70 students were accepted by transferring from the faculties of engineering of other universities.

He immediately began to benefit from the financial support provided by the people of Kafrelsheikh Governorate, so the procedures for purchasing or installing and operating the mechanical workshops needed by the students of the preparatory group were completed, and the following workshops were prepared:



The financial support provided by the people of Kafrelsheikh governorate was immediately benefited from, so the procedures for purchasing, installing and operating the mechanical workshops needed by the students of the preparatory band were carried out. The following workshops were prepared:

        1. Turning and metalworking workshops.

        2. Blacksmithing and welding workshops

        3. Carpentry workshop

        4. Plumbing workshop.

        5. Refrigeration workshop

A computer lab was also equipped to train college students in various years of study. The Minister's approval was issued on the college's internal regulations on 13/8/1997.

Today, the college has been moved to its new location in a great edifice that was designed and built by a distinguished team from the Faculty of Engineering, Kafrelsheikh University.