Vision & Mission & Objectives

Ø  Department Vision:

Achieving  quality  and  excellence in performance   continuously especially in the field of preparing educational cadres( teachers ) in general, and  participating  in the preparation of a modern that contributes effectively to the construction    of  society, and the preparation  of a researcher  in the field of comparative education   and educational Administration who is fully aware of the issues ofthe educational community.

Ø  DepartmentMission:


            The mission of the   Department of  comparative Education  and  Educational  Administration  is  to  form, prepare   and  train   pre-university education  teachers who believe in their mission and who are capable of creating and shaping the world of teaching, learning and competition in the labor market, and preparing educational cadres ( teachers ) capable of conducting  educational and human research and studies' and able to develop the educational   system and upgrading and employing knowledge. Solving educational problem, as well as providing  specialized  services and consultation      

Ø  DepartmentObjectives :

 The Department of Comparative Education and Educational Administration has a number of objectives include: 


1- Preparation scientific cadres of ( teachers ) in academic disciplines who are educationally    qualified and possess the needed teaching' theoretical and applied skills of high efficiency.                                                                                    

2- Linking the university with society and work hand by hand with the scientific and administrative institutions of society.                                                                                          

3- Adopting graduate programs in various disciplines, masters and doctoral programs in comparative education and educational Administration to provide specialized and scientifically qualified cadres ( teachers ) to meet the development needs in the educational sectors.                     

4- Meeting the local community's need for qualified specialists in the field of education.                                      

5- Ensuring that the department is a beacon and sets a good model that develops morals and social values and safeguards authentic Arab and Islamic values, by  clarifying to students the relationship between education in any society and the force and factor affecting it.                         

6- Solving educational and teaching problems in the local environment and in society in general as well as developing the educational work on both sides.               

 7- Developing the student's abilities to understand contemporary education and administrative trends as a continuo renewing knowledge.                                                  

  8- Enable the student to know the role of comparative educational research and educational management  research in the development of communities and solve the   problems faced.

  9- Developing the student's abilities to understand and analyze the influential interrelationship between educational systems and communities.                                   

10- Enabling the student of the techniques and methods of comparative educational research and educational administrative research                                            

 11- Developing successful educational experiences in the fields of comparative education.                                               

12- Developing Administrative expertise skills in the fields of educational administrative.                                                    

13- Introducing students to the research curricula in education and the difficulties faced by researchers as wall was the factors affecting them.                                                

  14-Getting all students familiar with the foundations of the organization of administrative work within the school in a better way and to achieve educational goals.  


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