Branches of study

The department of Mental Health contains four basic branches    :

First:Branch of Social Problems Fields:  

A)psychological and social safety.                              

B)Arabic and patriotic belongingness .                         


D)The psychological and social sides  of.                   

all types of addiction, also,internet addiction             

E)Family disintegration and its effect upon sons

Second: Branch that its focus on searching's importance of positive psychology and its variables:                                                                          

This project contains the following:                             

A)conducting descriptive search according to variables of positive psychology  which contains(  

happiness-hope-tolerance-forgiveness-mindfulnes. s-self pity-psychological resilience -psychological flow-frienships'skills-positive self dialogue)      

B)Conducting experimental research according to variables of positive psychology which include (self pity-mindfulness-emotional arrangement  -parental wakefulness)                                                  

Third: Branch of interest the programmes of Modern Special  Education:                                       

This project includes the following:                           

A)Conducting applied experimental research of modern special education programmes which gather (Helepe programme- programme of analysisappliedbehaviour-SunRise                             programme-Denvr programme-Fast four word programme-Word Maker programme-Portage programme)                                                                     

B)Conducting descriptive research for gifted class of special needs(gifted of learning difficulties-gifted of hearing impairment-gifted of Autism disorder-gifted of hyperactivity-gifted of emotional disorder-Autism accompanier of mental impairment)   

C) Conducting Counseling Research for families and brothers of people with special needs.               

Fourth: Interest of problems of scholastic environment(student and teacher)                               

1-Scholastic counseling                                                

2-Educational conduct and its relation of scholastic field                                                             

3-Development of gift and surpassing                        

4-Professional satisfaction and dealing with work stress                                                                            

5-Diagnosis and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders of students                              




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