Vision & Mission & Objectives

 Vision of the Department:

The Department of Mental Health at Faculty of Education, Kafr El Sheikh University, provides advanced studies, research and courses in the field of mental health and people with special needs at the national, local and Arab levels


Mission of the Department:

Preparing and qualifying students and researchers in licence, bachelor's degree and postgraduate stages, building their personalities and increasing their ability to academic achievement and practical training to carry out the teaching process efficiently and effectively, conduct psychological and educational research, address psychological problems, provide guidance to the community, and cooperate with institutions outside the university in the local community


Objectives of the Department: 

Teaching theoretical and psychological courses:

1-                 Conducting research in the fields of mental health, psychological counseling and special education.

2-                 Cooperating with other departments in the college to graduate qualified teachers.

3-                 Providing psychological counseling inside and outside the university.

4-                 Supervising masters and doctoral theses.

5-                 Holding various seminars and conferences.

6-                 Disseminating general and specialized psychological and educational culture.


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