Vision & Mission & Objectives


Vision of the Department:

The Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods at the Faculty of Education - Kafrelsheikh University should be more distinguished than the counterpart departments at the local and regional levels in teaching and learning processes, scientific research and its technological applications, and serving educational foundations.


Mission of the Department:

Seeking  to provide college students in stages (bachelor's,, and postgraduate studies) with the theoretical background , the professional aspect of the teaching profession, recent trends in curriculum design and development; provide counseling and training inside and outside the university; contribute  to the preparation of the university teacher in the various faculties of the university; raise the teachers competence and developing his capabilities; participate in training workers in the field of education; in addition to developing training through educational research, serving the environment and the local community, and local, regional and global competition in light of the quality standards of the educational process.


 Objectives of the Department: 

ü  Providing an educational environment that achieves distinction and competition among students

ü  Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of post-graduate students in the department.

ü  Increasing the department's ability to contribute to sustainable development, community  and  environment  service

ü  Developing the department's organizational and administrative structure

ü  Commitment to the moral and professional values of the teacher



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