An understanding Memorandum between Kafrelsheikh and Bagdad Universities


     It was approved to hold an understanding memorandum between Kafrelsheikh and Bagdad Universities within the rules and organized decisions for the mutual supervision in the general mission management and also on the recommendations of post graduation studies and research council No 67 on 20/5/2012 that enables the Iraq students to travel for six months to Egypt (mutual supervision) to complete their thesis under the supervision of Egyptian professors as the following:

1)    They should write Kafrelsheikh University’s name in outputs of research when any research of thesis or patent derived from thesis will be published and it will be mutual between the two universities.

2)    The Egyptian supervisor should be within the committees of supervision and judgment and discussion.

3)    The Iraq student should message a professor in the field of his specialism to get approval.

4)    The Iraq University will bear the costs of travel and stay for the Egyptian professor when travelling to attend discussion.

5)    The Iraq University will bear the cost of running the practical part of research (chemicals and row materials).

6)    The university will bear the cost of medical insurance for Iraq students.

7)    Bagdad University reports the student his costs in the end of study.



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