The Proposition of Forming Judgement and Discussion Committee for the Researcher Eman Saad Mustafa Askr for Obtaining Master’s Degree


Curriculum and Teaching Methods Departments proposes to form judgement and discussion committee for the researcher Eman Saad Mustafa Askar for getting Master’s Degree in Education (specialism: curriculum and teaching methods “mathematics”)

The thesis entitled:

“Designing a program based on interactive e-learning activities for the development of skills of using social media networks and attitudes towards learning via the web for preparatory stage students”

They agree to form judgment and discussion committee as the following:

1)      Prof Dr Abed el Gawad Abed el Gawad Bohoot, the professor of curriculum and teaching methods (head and supervisor)

2)      Prof Dr Abed el Aziz Tolba Abed el Hamid, the professor and head of Education Technology Department, the Faculty of Education, Mansoura University (external discussant)

3)      Prof Dr Mahmoud Ibrahim Abed el Aziz, the professor of curriculum and teaching methods and the vice dean for education and students’ affairs (internal discussant)


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