Discussment and Judgment Committee for the Researcher Nabwaya Ahmed Ezzat el Abad


Mental Health Department council agrees on Sunday 22/2/2015 to form judgment and discussion committee for the researcher Nabawya Ahmed Ezzat el Abed for getting PHD in education (specialism: mental health)

The title:

(The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Behavioral Program and a Counseling Program to Reduce the Intensity of Anorexia Nervosa among Obsessed Compulsively Adolescents)

The committee is formed as the following:

1)      Prof Dr Amal Abed el Sami Abaza, the professor of mental health and the previous dean and the manager of open education center (head and supervisor)

2)      Prof Dr Adel el Saied el Bana, the professor of Educational Psychology and the dean of Damanhour University (discussant)

3)      Dr Subhi Abed el Fatah el Kafouri, the professor of mental health and the dean (discussant)

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