Master's Degree in Education for the Researcher Hesham Fahmi Mansour


The faculty council agrees to grant the researcher Hesham Fahmi el Saied Mansour Master's Degree in education (specialism: educational psychology)

The research title:

(The Effectiveness of Some Active Learning Strategies in Developing Concepts and Marketing Skills for Commercial Secondary School Students in the Light of Comprehensive Evaluation)

Curriculums and teaching methods department council agrees on Thursday 28/8/2014 to form judgment and discussion committee as the following:

1)      Prof Dr Saber Hussein Mahmoud, the professor emeritus of curriculum and teaching methods "commercial subjects", Ain Shams University (head and external discussant"

2)      Prof Dr Adel Ibrahim el Bana, the emeritus professor of curriculums and teaching methods "English language" (supervisor)

3)      Prof Dr Abed el Gawad Abed el Gawad Bohoot, the professor of curriculums and teaching methods "mathematics" and the vice dean for environment affairs (internal discussant)

4)      Prof Dr Borhamy Abed el Hamid Zaglol, the professor of curriculums and teaching methods "commercial subjects", Tanta University (supervisor)


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