Doctorate Registration


The faculty council agreed on Sunday 9/12/2012 to register the following:

1)    The researcher Shaimaa Abed el Raoof el Saied to get PHD (specialism: educational psychology)by a thesis entitled “THE Effectiveness of a Training Program based on The Theory of information processing in Improving The working Memory performance , and reading comprehension for mental Retarded educable” under the supervision of:

A)    Prof Dr Khairi el Mogazi Ajaj, the professor of educational psychology and the dean.

B)    Prof Dr Nosra Mohamed Abed el Mageed Jaljal, the professor and head of educational psychology department.

C)    Dr Kawthat Kutb Abu Kawra, the lecturer in educational psychology department.

2)    The researcher Osama Abed el Fatah Mohamed Gad to get PHD (specialism: comparative education and educational management by a thesis entitled “Learning organization an approach to achieve organizational excellence at the general secondary school in Egypt: suggested conception” under the supervision of:

A)    Prof Dr Abed el Gawad el Saied Bakr, the professor emeritus of comparative education and educational management.

B)    Dr Abed el Aziz Ahmed Dawood, the assistant professor of comparative education and educational management.


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