Doctorate Registration


·         The researcher Mahmoud Mogazi Ali el Atar, the assistant lecturer, registers to get PHD in the specialism of Mental Health. The name of thesis is: “The Effectiveness of a Behavioral, congnitive and counseling Program in Developing Psychological Flow and Calculated Risk Taking among Normal University students and those of Visual Impairment” under the supervision of:

1)    Prof Dr Amal Abed el Sami Abaza, the head and professor in mental health department.

2)    Dr Farida Abed el Gani el Samahi, the lecturer in mental health.


·         The researcher Hala Nashat Ahmed Zaied registers to get PHD in Education in the specialism of mental health. The name of thesis is “The Effectiveness of a remedial speech program to reduce the intensity of sound disorder in speech among children of the first stage of basic education” under the supervision of:

1)    Prof Dr Subhi Abed el Fatah el Kafouri, the professor of mental health and the vice dean for the affairs of education and students.

2)    Dr Azza Abed el Rahman Hasan, the lecturer of mental health.