Scientific Conference in Mansoura (EDD24 Regional)



The Egyptian Federation of Scientific Societies for Dental Faculties (EADS), in cooperation with the Faculty of Dentistry, Kafrelsheikh University, is honored to announce the Faculty of Dentistry, Kafrelsheikh University, as the academic sponsor of the scientific conference in Mansoura (EDD24 Regional), scheduled for next May 25. The branch of the major conference in Cairo (EDD24) is scheduled for next May 2. Under the supervision of Dr. Enas Al-Jundi - Dean of the College and the main event leader, with the opportunity for students from the University College to attend the conference by completing an academic report summarizing the conference lectures (scientific report). It is delivered to the department heads in the required academic form Assignment and evaluated by them as an additional activity.

With wishes of success and success to the students of the Faculty of Dentistry, Kafr El-Sheikh University